It’s Weekend!

I’m hoping that your weekend started as well as it did for me. On Thursday I goofed around the whole day at the doggie day training facility and today a new friend came over to headquarters.  Her name is Brandy. Brandy is a cool gal.  She brought her own gun and shooter. No, don’t panic, nobody got hurt. We were shooting tennis balls, not bullets, you silly. The guns are also called K-9 Kannons.

I love catching the balls and taught M to give me treats before I would bring them back. It didn’t take that long before she got the gist. I think that Q needs to set me up with a gun like that so that M and I can practice some more. After all, practice leads to treats, um… excellence of course!

Wishing you a pawbulous weekend,



After returning from my holiday almost two weeks ago, I am slowly adjusting to my pre-holiday routine. I went to doggy play in town last week, but yesterday I had my first playdate of the year at my house. It was a blast. I invited two CCI dogs. My best fur-iend Capone and a new little guy called Reardon.  R. is about 7 months old and a funny one. The good news is that he will stay at my house next week for three days because the CCI puppy socializer he is staying with at the moment has to go out of town.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend Fiona, could not make it to my playdate; she had other obligations. She is like me, quite the social butterfly, so it is not always easy to align our schedules. We emailed each other and hope to catch up soon too in real doggy style. You might not remember, but just like Capone, Fiona and I go way back. We were basically still in the crib when we met.

We played for more than three hours so you can imagine that I was tired and hungry towards the end.  I kept walking to the kitchen, but mom didn’t understand until dinnertime what I was saying. Sometimes you really have to spell things out to her. I am still teaching her the basics of doggie language. My dialect is slightly different from Ms. Zulu’s and that seems to throw off mom a bit. The other problem is that former trainers have said some untrue stuff about us dogs in the past. Researchers are just starting to catch up. You can read some good stuff about dog behavior on Patrica Mc. Connell’s website.  Oh, I see that the sun is starting to come out after lots of rain yesterday, so I am going for a walk. Stay dry,