Running in the field

I had another fabulous morning; running in the field. What more does a dog want? After measuring running distance and time, M estimated that my speed was almost 37 km/h (23 mph). The main goal this morning was to see how well the forest is doing after the prescribed burn. All seems to be in order. More on that later; gotta run.


A Dangerous Affair

The day after MI-2 was supposed to be a lazy office day but instead, we found ourselves tackling a dangerous affair. At headquarters they decided that it was time to burn down the house! At first I thought that they wanted to put up a smokescreen. But then it got closer to headquarters, so I thought maybe they want to burn all evidence of our missions. But no, wise Ms. Zulu told me that it is a yearly affair.*

Ms. Zulu has many missions that went up in smoke under her belt. The belt became so heavy that she eventually had to take it off. Yesterday’s flaming affair was my second time but I don’t really remember the first one. I must have been itsy bitsy teenie weenie. This time, Ms. Zulu and I took it upon us to supervise the event. Of course safety first, so this was all done from within headquarters behind a fireproof window. When all was behind us, M gave me a glowing review. I had remained calm and relaxed in a smoking hot situation. That is not an easy feat she said. I guess we can say that Ms. Zulu and I have deserved our rest.

Stay safe,

* Prescribed burns are done in this area to restore longleaf pine forests